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Conservation and Climate Awesome Foundation Chapter

Each chapter of the Awesome Foundation is volunteer-run and self-funded by a group of people who pool their money to form micro-grants that fund meaningful projects. This chapter is focused on nature conservation and climate change. We genuinely want to find promising projects and innovations that may be overlooked by the big, cumbersome funding organizations. If you are an individual or small team, with an awesome idea that will help the environment, you are encouraged to apply.

We want to support:

-Creative, innovative and impactful projects having to do with wildlife conservation, habitat protection, climate change, ecotourism or environmental communication.

-Projects that have a "tipping point" of $1000 or less where our grant will be the difference between it not happening and making dreams come true.

-Ideas that will be a catalyst to create something bigger. We like ideas that will ignite inspiration beyond your community. (What idea has made you think, “Someone should do that”? Why not you?).

-Ideas that clearly explain where the money will be spent. The more details the better.

-Stories and ideas that capture our imaginations and grab our hearts.

-Projects and ideas that are close to being implemented (rather than a year from now).

-Applicants must have, or be able to get, a PayPal, Wise, or Venmo account to receive funds if they win a micro grant.

What We Don't Fund:

Personal expenses, marketing, salaries, operational expenses, established projects, things having to do with politics or religion.

We reserve the right not to award a grant if no applications meet the criteria.


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If You Are Chosen:

-If we choose your project, we take you at your word that 1) your project will be finished within a reasonable amount of time, 2) your project will not violate any applicable law, and 3) you will acknowledge whenever possible the support you received from the Conservation and Climate Awesome Foundation Chapter. Winners will be emailed within 3 business days of our grant decision. Trustees generally meet on the first Thursday of August, October, December, February, April, and June.

-If you haven't heard anything within a few months of applying, it's likely your project was not selected. Our chapter will consider applications from previous months, however, so there's no need to apply again unless your idea has changed or if you want to add a more detailed breakdown of the budget.

-If you are funded, please send us a short paragraph on the impact, along with photos and/or video when you are done, so we can share it on our webpage and social media.

-If you have won a grant, please wait 12 months before applying again.

o By applying, you accept that the project, including photos and videos, will be published on social media for the purpose of promoting the fund and the project itself.

o Legal responsibility for the selected project lies with the applicant(s).

Have questions? Want to be a micro-trustee? (pitch in $100 a month and help choose grant winners). Please contact the chapter dean at:

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