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Submit an application, below, before 11:59pm on March 1, 2023 to be considered for the next grant cycle. (We will award AT LEAST three $1,000 grants within 2 weeks of the above deadline. We have more Trustees than ever before and as of September 2022, we've awarded $32,000 to awesome projects - how cool is that?!

This chapter of the Awesome Foundation began in spring 2019 and awards quarterly $1,000 no-strings-attached cash to projects and programs that bring maximum awesomeness to Cleveland, Ohio (projects outside of Cuyahoga County are discouraged).

Check out the list of projects that we have funded on our chapter website to get a better sense of the scope and diversity of the "shovel-ready," creative, and totally awesome projects that have already bettered the lives of the residents of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. In each case, the prospective grantee convinced us that an infusion of $1000 would make a significant immediate impact and enable them to launch. Our grantees have used the money to buy things like toys, gloves, garbage bags, an accessible commode, website design, video editing, robotic parts, rakes, fences, training supplies, lumber, etc...but not for publishing a book or paying their rent.

…..more TIPS for applying to our chapter: - Keeping the money local is our priority! Make sure your project is in Cuyahoga County and benefits others (ie, if you are looking for cash to open a for-profit business or fund your own salary, this is not the grant for you). - Think about the impact: is it sustainable? will our gift be distinguishable amongst your other funders? Will our funds launch your project or be the last dollars in to make your idea a reality? - Be creative and specific - we love projects that stand out in a sea of 50+ applications each cycle and with so much to read, the best contenders for funds have succinct and specific plans to spend the cash. Tell us exactly what you will do with the funds and when. Details count!

Awesome Cleveland isn’t a foundation or a non-profit. Cash comes straight from the pockets of our passionate trustees and directly into the hands of the dreamers and doers making our community awesome. The definition of "Awesome" is left open-ended on purpose but it amounts to that intangible combination of social impact and fun. If you’ve got an innovative idea that needs support, you’ve come to the right place.

WHAT WE FUND: We fund real programs that will make a real impact on the lives of those in the Greater Cleveland area.

WHAT WE DO NOT FUND: We do not fund the writing of personal books, art projects, launching or funding private businesses, or any program that does not specifically impact those living in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. While we appreciate the good work you’re trying to do, please do not apply for funding in any of those cases.

OUR PROCESS: The trustees meet during the second week of the last month of each quarter (March, June, September, December). Directly after, we vote, announce the winner, and hand over the money! We take you at your word that you’ll finish the project within a few months time. Keep us in the loop along the way. Even if you don't get a grant, we're happy to connect you with people or organizations who share your interests and pursuits. We occasionally plan ‘Awesome Happy Hours’ so stay tuned to our Facebook page ( for updates. We want everyone to know #ClevelandIsAwesome

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