Delivering joy through recycled flowers

Many people around Cleveland fight tough personal challenges alone - people where a simple show of support can make an immediate impact on their outlook, emotional strength and happiness. BigHearted Blooms collects flower arrangements that would normally be thrown away after their intended purpose, such as weddings and corporate events. We repurpose them to make new bouquets that can be enjoyed a second time using recycled vases. We then surprise people who need an emotional lift with a random act of flowers and a personal touch to let them know that others are thinking of them. It is a simple act of kindness, but with this one gesture that's using all recycled products we are lifting spirits and spreading joy and hope to people all around Cleveland.

Since launching in May 2018, we’ve touched 5000 people in Cleveland's assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, hospice, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, cancer treatment, dialysis centers, senior day centers, senior housing in some of Cleveland’s most struggling neighborhoods, the Veterans Administration hospital and more.

If you see the smiles and grateful tears of someone surprised by BigHearted Blooms you know we make a difference. But our idea is also supported by research studies that find flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, a long-term positive effect on mood and a strong positive impact on emotional well-being.

Our young, grass-roots, all volunteer organization is off to a strong start, which, to me, shows this idea has tremendous potential. We were able to take
a big step and secure a permanent workshop in March but we have another critical need in order to expand our impact (hence this application). We are grateful for your consideration.

Learn more and sign up to volunteer @

Fondos becados por Cleveland, OH (June 2019)