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We're the Geelong Chapter of the Awesome Foundation!

In Geelong we take great pride in our community spirit, and so a small collection of trustees have come together to create the Geelong chapter of the Awesome foundation.

Together the trustees will provide one grant of up to $1000 to one or divided between them if more than one applicant is successful within each month.

Applications open on the 1st of each month, close on the 23rd at 5pm of each month. The successful grant applicants will be contacted by the last day of the month. Applicants must reside in the City of Greater Geelong boundary.

The funds will be a no strings grant and will be awarded to one or more lucky applicant based on a vote between the trustees.

The Trustees are reviewing the February 2020 applicants now and will inform the successful applicant before the end of February. Successful applicants will be listed below for the next month,

The previous grants were awarded to the following applicants:

- July 2019 Grant: (two grants awarded) - 1.Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation 2.Basketball Inclusion for Primary School Kids.

- August 2019 Grant: No Award

- September 2019 Grand: The Ultimate Pop-Up Junkyard Playground.

- October 2019 Grant: Finny to the Max!

- November 2019 Grant: No Award.

- December 2019 Grant: A disadvantaged young woman was treated to a Christmas shopping day.

- January 2020 Grant: Geelong Youth Choir.

We look forward to all new applications,

Thank you,