Peter Rabbit Project

The Peter Rabbit project is a community mutual aid network bringing a creative approach to community engagement and sustainability through ethnobotanical initiatives that facilitate community self-sufficiency and interconnectedness within the ecosystem. It is a movement to provide accessible resources while inspiring joy and wonder. Through the enchanting nature of connection, community, plant and nutrition education, this highly-adaptable project is intended to empower the community. The Peter Rabbit Project strives to cultivate healthy communities through activities, resource sharing and support that develop a relationship between nature and humanity. Inspiring collective action through community fun, and providing educational and sustainable solutions for urban farming, sustainable foraging, nutrition access, and ecosystem management, the Peter Rabbit Project uses inclusivity and accessibility to achieve a vision of equity and food sovereignty.

It empowers community engagement with the ecosystem; creating self-sufficiency, eliminating food insecurity, food waste, soil and water erosion. Neighbors donate their unused edible flora, and we facilitate the harvest (or eradication for invasive species), delivery, recipe and nutrition information to the community. Utilizing indigenous methods of cultivation and harvest to revitalize the land to maintain a mutualistic relationship between the community, flora, water, and soil; avoiding harsh chemicals and destructive farming techniques. I started this project in my neighborhood to help my neighbors manage natural spaces and provide education about the nutritious biodiversity within our native ecosystem.

Fondos becados por Cleveland, OH (March 2023)