SBMA Mobile Art Stations

We want to bring art to the masses! The South Bend Museum of Art participates in many local events to bring free art experiences to the community. Over the years we have partnered with The City of South Bend, Venues Parks and Arts, Downtown South Bend, Inc., Northern Indiana Artists Association, La Casa de Amistad, Robertson's Apartments, Urban Adventure Games, and many more!

Because we work with limited resources and staffing, we would like to streamline the set up for these experiences. For example, we would love for more people to experience the joy of drawing and painting outdoors! But this requires us to set up many of our special, heavy easels that do not blow over on windy days. These are not easy for us to move and transport (awkward shape that gets them all tangled up in transport) and if classes are in session at the museum they are not always available.

While brainstorming about this, South Bend Museum of Art Curator of Education, Christyn Overstake, came up with a design for these cool, mobile art stations to use for art activities at local events. The design is versatile, made up of four 4' x 8' sections that can be connected or set up separately. The design makes it easy for set up, sharing art supplies, and cleaning up. It includes trays for paints and drawing tools and an attached paper towel rolls.

Each section will accommodate six people and will be hinged at the top, allowing us to separate the sections, fold them, load them and go! With 4 sections we could have twenty four people at once creating their masterpieces!

Fondos becados por South Bend, IN (August 2017)