Resurrect the Roses at Leeper Park!!

This is an all-volunteer project to restore the historical Rose Garden at Leeper Park. The volunteers began working in April, 2015, and have since enlarged and created all the Rose beds (six large, concentric circles); removed six to eight tons of weeds, and overgrown sod and grass that were choking the Roses; pruned and re-dug nearly 100 Roses, many of which were dead, or barely alive; added over 100 new Roses, perennials, and new plants;

Hauled and spread over ten yards of new soil, and over twenty yards of mulch, for the Rose beds; fertilized and treated all of the plants;removed four tons of soil, and overgrown weeds, and debris from the old viewing ponds; re-designed the viewing pond beds, and spread several tons of soil for the new beds; planted nearly 100 new perennials into the new viewing pond beds.

This has been a cooperative project with the South Bend Park Department, and the Historical Preservation Commission, although no tax money has been used, and the project is fully self-funded.

Fondos becados por South Bend, IN (May 2016)