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Awesome Buffalo is a giving circle that awards $1000 cash to weird, wonderful, and timely projects that make Buffalo more awesome.

We’re entirely volunteer-run and self-funded. We don’t distribute grants, and we’re not organized as a nonprofit. We simply give no-strings-attached cash to one awesome project every other month.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the rainbow crosswalk at Elmwood & Allen, like Elton John did, you’re welcome.

Apply For $1000

What makes a project Awesome?

We use the following loose criteria to select projects. Consider addressing these areas in your application:

►►Is it awesome?: Is it unique? A new idea? Something that may be unfundable through traditional means? We’re looking for your Silly Walks and your bus stop jazz clubs.

►► Will $1000 make an actual impact? : We try to support individuals and small groups, rather than organizations who’re already well-funded. We’re looking for the small, but mighty projects for which $1000 will make a huge difference. Be as specific as possible; tell us exactly how the cash will be spent, so we can best understand your idea.

►►How will the project help the Buffalo area?: It’s important to us to fund projects that directly support and impact our neighbors in the Buffalo-Niagara community. We’ll consider projects outside city limits, but maybe not all the way in Rochester. Pssst… they have a chapter too!

We don’t typically fund:

►► Personal use: We think you’re really awesome, but we can't give you $1000 for a car/vacation/rent payment/home repair/pony.

►► Charities, foundations, organizations: We’re primarily interested in new ventures and not the continuation of an existing organization. But existing organizations with a specific, creative $1000 project can apply!

►► Promotion: We want to hear all about your awesome idea and how we can help fund its happening, not just its posters.

Need some help writing your proposal? We've broken it down into 8 easy steps here!


Interested in becoming a trustee? Drop us a form here!

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