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After six years away, we are thrilled to announce the return of Awesome Foundation Toronto 🎉

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The Awesome Foundation in Toronto

The Awesome Foundation is a group of people getting together and pooling their own money to make exciting, helpful projects happen in their community.

AF projects run the gamut from meeting the needs of our communities (such as the Teen Legal Helpline) to inspiring the creativity in every neighborhood in Toronto (like the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival)—or, like Guerilla Gardening with native plants, both at once.

Our goal is to serve the entire Greater Toronto Area—to fund projects as widespread and diverse in geography, in identity, in life situation as our city and region.

Let's make your project happen!

If you have an idea for an amazing, community-oriented project that $1000 would bring to reality, please apply! The application process is light and designed to be accessible to everyone.

Apply For a Grant

PS Want to help us make more Awesome, either as a dues-paying trustee or a volunteer helping with organization or marketing? Drop us a line, we'd love to chat!

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