The Ouch! Package

I co-manage the Bikechain DIY space where we teach people how to diagnose mechanical issues with their bicycle and we then teach them how to do the repairs. Last year we had over 3,000 visits. Of those visits, I had frequent visits from [young] cyclists who had just been involved in an accident, normally involving a car.

For example, people would come in with cuts and scrapes, bandages on their arms or face, or ripped up pants legs, etc. Of course, I can tell when a bike was involved in an accident. Although the person was quite shaken up, I always felt really bad that I couldn't do anything more for them other than be a sympathetic ear.

Because Bikechain serves an income-constrained population, I would like to offer people who have been involved in an accident and come into Bikechain to repair their bike an "Ouch! Package," which will resemble a gift-basket but it'll have some nice things like: teas, chocolate, something humorous like a funny book, some bandaids, and a print out of "who to call" if you've been in an accident including the phone numbers of different legal services, insurance companies, physiotherapists and municipal agencies.

I would like to offer The Ouch Package free of charge in the spirit of humanitarianism, and good will.

Financiado pelo capítulo Toronto (February 2015)