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A Propos

Awesome Antigonish is working to help move the awesomeness forward in Antigonish Town and County. We will offer $1,000 cash to a successful applicant for an idea deemed awesome by our board of trustees. (Note: We reserve the right to not award the grant, split the grant or miss a month.)

The Awesome Antigonish trustees meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the board room of AA Munro at 219 Main St. Antigonish in the Kirk Building at 7pm. That is also when we invite the top three applicants to join us to present their idea in person.

All applications are ideally submitted by the second Wednesday of the month to be voted on by trustees before the following weeks meeting. Finalist will be contacted via email to let them know to come and present in person.

If you have knowledge of an individual or a group doing something awesome please ask them to submit an application and we could be awarding $1000 cash towards their awesome initiative if their project is chosen.

Some Things To Consider: You can apply up to two times. Many of our successful applicants won on their second submission. However you can wait to reapply if the timing is better a little later.

Projects that are new, or not previously funded are particularly awesome to us. Projects that spread awesomeness to more people are also likely to be considered more awesome. (For example.. ideas that will only impact you, your family or your business will have a lower likelihood of being selected).

We only request that the winners provide us with updates or photos on their projects so we can share their good work with the broader community and other interested applicants.

If you would like feedback on your project before or after you submit you can send additional questions to James Smeaton, the Dean of Awesome at 902-318-3335 (cell) or

Some criteria we use to evaluate applications: How critical are our funds to help the project move forward? What is the longevity of the project? Can our contribution be multiplied by facilitating further contributions? How does the project impact local culture or identity?Does the project build infrastructure? Is the project time sensitive?How detailed is your break down on the usage of funds?

Want To Join? We are always on the look out for more awesome trustees, please send an email to with a brief bio and why you wish to join and we will get back in touch. Please note we reserve the right to pass on any member applications without further clarification as to why.

Past Awesome Trustees: Shawn Wilkie (Founder, Antigonish Chapter), Cory Bishop, Chad Relf, PJ Prosper, Matt Boyd, Ryan Lukeman, Elizabeth Maloney, Debbie MacPherson, Wayne Ezekiel, Justin Gregg, Matt McGlashan, Brianne Peters, Steve Gallant.

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