Key West, FL (Non-active)

Cette branche n'est actuellement non-active. Une branche non-active est une branche qui n’a pas remis de bourse au cours des six derniers mois. Veuillez nous contacter si cela vous intéresse de relancer cette branche.

A Propos

In Key West, the Southernmost island of the Florida Keys, where the official motto is "One Human Family." Where the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean converge, creatives of all walks of life make paradise more awesome every day.

In Mission: The Awesome Foundation exists to forward the interests of awesomeness in the universe. This is the Key West chapter of the Awesome Foundation.

In Practice: We are a global, distributed network of individuals experimenting with simple, lightweight funding structures that foster the creation of surprise and delight. If it's awesome, we want to support it.

In Organization: Each chapter in the Awesome Foundation community operates entirely independently: there is no actual organization “in charge” of the Awesome Foundation. We are a group of "trustees" who give our own funds to grow something even more awesome in our community.

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