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Making Rotterdam even more awesome through community-focused micro-grants. Multiple times a year we award a €1000 grant to realize crazy, wild and innovative ideas.

The Awesome Foundation Rotterdam is a local community that boosts ideas to make Rotterdam more awesome, cool, fun, loving and social. Multiple evenings a year, idea owners pitch their awesome idea to the audience. These evenings are called “Pitch Nights” and are free to attend.

What to do to win €1.000?

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Apply via this website
  3. Wait for us to reach out to you
  4. Pitch your idea (if selected)
  5. Win and go home with €1.000!

The criteria

It needs to be awesome

So what is an awesome idea? Something that makes everyone enthusiastic. Something that makes you spontaneously clap your hands when you hear it. It is an idea that, if shared with a random person on the streets, will make them smile.

It needs to be "Rotterdams"
It is for our city. It needs to speak to the people that live here. To big ones, or small ones. They need to be able to see it, or interact with it. Inside or out. It has to be the talk of the town or the street or the neighbourhoud or the square.

Realize it with the €1.000
Think big, but make the idea you want to pitch small.

Find out who won the previous editions on our website: www.awesomerotterdam.org


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