Heroes Guild / Heldengilde

The Heroes Guild is THE place to be if you want to be yourself! We use classic roleplaying games to help (young) people to discover the best version of themselves using gaming and geek culture!

[We heavily invite you to view our cinematic trailer on Youtube to experience our passion]

Our main program is called Hero of Your Own Story, where players create a heroic version of themselves and play the lead in an epic adventure where we use our own COLLECTIBLE CARDS to add a little bit of spice.

After getting in touch with Library in Rotterdam and seeing the opportunities in Zuid, we want to take a shot at bringing people to getter through the love of their hobbies, interests and culture 🥰

At least once a month (aiming for twice a month) we want to organise an event introducing storytelling and roleplaying by using a ‘light’ version of Dungeons & Dragons: still epic, still fun, but less of a pill to learn and accessible for everyone.

Our main focus is for geeks, nerds and pretty much every outcast to have a place to call home, in location as a group of people alike! Joining forces with the Library Zuidplein and Theater Zuidplein we want to structurally organize these events! We are talking about multiple Friday evenings, between 17:00 and 21:00, so that people can come right after school or work and have an awesome start to the weekend.

Let the adventures begin! 🔥

Financé par Rotterdam (September 2022)