Prosthetic skin for amputees

The problem for this project to solve is for amputees. Presently most prosthetic limbs have a latex polyfoam covering that breaks down requiring the unit to be replaced every six months to a year. The piece does not look pleasing or even human drawing the attention of people making the amputee feel different and uncomfortable. This makes for a damning case for mental health. The project im proposing is making realistic skins for amputees. This would be a silicone covering that matches the skin color of the user. This would include hair and nails on the piece that would make the user look like they had not lost a limb but was wearing a knee brace. The item is made from medical grade silicone it can be tinted to the users skin tone and even tattooed. With this product im positive that the above mentioned problems will be aleviated allowing the amputee to lead a more normal life.

Financé par Antigonish, NS (November 2017)