since the late nineties I have been producing a cable access show where kids, teens, the elderly and all ages in between dance to bands and records and hang out with our puppet host Ratso. Chic-A-Go-Go (we have a Facebook and YouTube channel if you want to check it out) has been on for almost 800 episodes, and we have had lots of musicians from every era and every genre come and lip synch for kids, and the best thing about the show is how it proves that's music and dancing have no demographic restrictions -- inner city kids will dance to 40s jazz, avant garde noise, 70s punk, polka, and anything in between, and older folks learn to dig contemporary hip hop, electronica, and bubblegum pop. I am really committed to community and non-mainstream media, working with different groups to advocate for cable access television, being the format chief for all the public affairs programming on the community radio station on the Southside, WHPK, and producing a zine called Roctober. but I am probably best known as the voice of Ratso, who has interviewed the Cramps, the Shirelles, The Residents, Fugazi, Rudy Ray Moore, GZA, the Misfits, Sleater Kinney, Anvil, Andre Williams, and over a thousand more. Because the show has no commercial restraints there's no pressure to appeal to a narrow audience which frees us to make something that is truly for everyone and expands people's horizons, and is super fun.

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