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Layin' Down Tracks

I have a class full of weird, smart, awesome, hilarious, clever, punk-ass fourth and fifth-graders who are so talented, but who are continually frustrated by not having a real polished end-product of what they do in their (chronically underfunded) after-school enrichment classes. The kids are obsessed with Eminem and rap in general, so my goal is to get them to write a concept album. I also work at the Old Town School of Folk Music, so I have musician and sound recording friends who I could work with so that the kids could have a professional quality recording of their album.

A mild-mannered arts educator might be an unusual choice to spearhead a rap concept album, but I spit rhymes like dragons spit fire. You can check out my Rick Bayless rap, which Chef Rick Bayless himself called "pretty hilarious stuff" here:

Financiado pelo capítulo Chicago, IL (June 2012)