Raleigh, NC (Ոչ ակտիվ)

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Մեր մասին

The simplest and most spur-of-the-moment ideas can start a movement or form a new community. VAE Raleigh and our Awesome Trustees think those ideas are important, and we want to help you bring them to life.

We want to fan the flames of the most spontaneous, audacious, exciting, and/or joyful ideas around by throwing $1,000 of no-strings-attached funding at them!

Our chapter wants to fund creative ideas that are specific, public, and spark thought in a meaningful way for the Triangle community.

In other words, applications that match the following criteria have the best chance of being funded:

  • The project is joyful, audacious, exciting, and/or spontaneous
  • The project has a timeline that begins within one year of funding being awarded
  • The final project available for the public to enjoy
  • The final project is in the Triangle community
  • The project scale can be achieved with the $1,000 grant vs. the $1,000 going toward a much larger funding need

We do not claim ownership or future rights to your project, nor do we wish the funds to be repaid if things do not go as planned. We just want to see how awesome you can be with your idea and some support!


Anyone planning a project in the Triangle area that matches the loose criteria above. This includes any individual, groups, or organizations.


Click the application button below and tell us a little bit about yourself and your idea. The application is intentionally simple to allow the largest array of ideas to be funded. We encourage applications for spontaneous ideas and do not require that you have everything perfectly planned before submitting your application.

So come forth! Present your awesome brilliant ideas! Tell us what you want to do, how you’ll do it, and why!

Interested in joining our volunteer team? Drop us a line!

Awesome Raleigh-Durham is a program of VAE Raleigh, a cultural creativity organization in downtown Raleigh.

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