After School Circus

Circus is not a well known or accessible creative outlet for Durham youth. I want to offer non exclusive, after school programs in circus arts to Title 1 schools and non profit organizations. There are many ways to express yourself, and circus could be one of them if only you knew it existed and were able to give it a try. (Did you know that circus is a thing?! It’s a thing! Try it!)

By providing instruction and equipment in a variety of circus ground skills (Could include but not limited to: juggling, hooping, flower sticks, poi, diabolo, unicycle, spinning plates, stilt walking, partner acrobatics, tumbling, innovative manipulation), it opens a door to these benefits:
- Promotes short and long term goal setting, dedication, and practice
- Ignites creative expression that is physically and mentally challenging
- Not competitive
- Fosters verbal and nonverbal communication skills, friendships, and community building
- Can be adapted with success to individual needs
- Provides a safe space for exploration and self expression

My project would start in the 3rd school quarter (January/ February) of 2018 and continue until everyone is sick of circus. (So hopefully, never.) Organizations that are already committed to having circus after school include Sandy Ridge Elementary, Merrick Moore Elementary, and Walltown Children’s Theater. So this is happening, but oh geeze it would it be easier, less stressful, and a more complete experience for participants if there was funding behind it. Once programs are routine at these locations, I’m looking to expand beyond Durham and into the rest of the Triangle.

Ֆինանսավորված Raleigh, NC կողմից (February 2018)