Urban Porch

In the South, sitting on your front porch is a historical and universal tradition. Many times, this idea of a front porch ends at the edge of residential neighborhoods. The pedestrian connection between sidewalk and building is limited to a few measly metal benches almost randomly set up by the city or sidewalk chairs and tables that are set up by restaurants, requiring a purchase. This limits the pedestrian experience in cities. Sitting and watching the world pass by in a relaxing, free-spirited way should be accessible. The addition of simple and colorful benches will liven up these urban locations with a splash of color and a moment of rest to take in the urban experience. Spreading benches of similar color across the city would then create a networked connection between the locations. The Urban Porch tackles this idea by offering a relaxing and movable front porch all around the city.

Ֆինանսավորված Raleigh, NC կողմից (July 2015)