Recup is a project against food waste and social exclusion, going on in Milano's local markets. The action is easy but efficient: at the end of the market, a group of people, both students, people in need, volunteers, recover food surplus directly from merchants, creating a parallel stand into the market space. Everybody can take what he/she needs from the stand, respecting other people and the environment. It is important to collaborate, clean, don't take more than is needed. Recup means sharing, meeting, socialize. The food that has lost its economic value gains a social value.
The goal would be to create a Recup spot in each area of Milan, with a “glocal” approach: people would participate in the area where they live and the project would cover the entire city. Then, we would bring Recup outside of Milano, in other Italian cities.
At the moment, the project is going on in eleven markets in the urban area.
Once we would have a headquarters, we would start more activities:
-Education at school
-Awareness to food waste problem
-Events with social kitchen, music, theatre
-"No waste cuisine" lessons
-Show cooking
-Workshops on Conservation of food
-Social garden
And many other ideas that we have. Little by little, we would like to pay people who work in the project, to create new job positions and transform the association into a social enterprise.

Fondos becados por Milano (January 2018)