The "Invisibles"

The "Invisibles" Project stemmed from the fact that there are many folks here in Madison,Wisconsin who are, for whatever reason, Homeless. As a local Playwright, I found it very disturbing to see passerbys who refused to look at,acknowledge or extend a greeting to those who were merely existing on the strees of our "Liberal" city.
It began asking questions of School officials about their views of the situations, Homeless Shelter Coordinators regarding their thoughts on why do we have so many homeless people here. I have even queried social-psychologists as to their take on why people are wary of acknowledging the "Street People."
I now sit and converse with "street folks" who would share their stories with me, as to the how's and why's of their personal situations.
My ultimate goal is to bring an awareness to the majority as to how it feels to be "invisible." It is NOT my goal to make the majority feel guilty,personally responsible or ashamed. It is only to allow people to hear how those who have lost their homes to various situations feel on a daily basis. None of us are exempt from finding ourselves in the same or similar social or economic misfortunate situation.

Fondos becados por Madison, WI (September 2015)