The Found Painting Project

The goal of The Found Painting Project is to offer some inspiration,
joy, or a bright spark of surprise to someone else's day. Each original
painting is 3x4 inches in size and carries with it an invitation to take
it home, information about the project, and a way to connect online.
Secured with a nail and sealed in a plastic bag, the paintings are
protected from the elements until they are found. Since the project
launch last summer, I have created 115 paintings and hung them in 12
states and numerous cities.

With a grant of $1,000 from the Awesome Foundation, I will bring 60
paintings to diverse communities across the city of Madison in public
areas such as parks, bus stops, shopping districts, nature paths, or
other areas where people tend to walk or congregate. Funding will cover
the expense of the paintings ($840) as well as my travel costs from
Chicago ($160). I plan to spend the next several months creating 60
original paintings specifically for Madison, and hang them over a
weekend in late summer.

Please visit The Found Painting Project website (
to read more and see what people are saying about their experience
finding a painting. More about my work as an artist and painting images
from The Found Painting Project can be found at

Fondos becados por Madison, WI (July 2015)