Walk-in Bike/Theater Series

I am the Neighborhood Police Officer for the Triangle Neighborhood.
I am asking for the financial means to purchase an outdoor movie screen and the rights to show 2-3 films on the green space near Braxton Place this fall (see attached map). My reasons for doing so include:

Both residents of Bayview and CDA properties do not have extra money to go to the theater, but they love watching movies.

It's difficult to find events that both the disabled/mentally ill residents from CDA and the immigrant population at Bayview can both enjoy, and enjoy it together as a neighborhood. This would be an ideal location for Vilas and Brittingham Neighborhood residents to bike to as well.

Other neighborhoods could benefit from the same outdoor movie screen.
The Bayview Foundation has agreed to be the financial receiver and CDA has agreed to allow the events to occur on the green space (owned by CDA) off of Braxton Place.

Fondos becados por Madison, WI (July 2016)