Homelessness (Неактивен)

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Thank you for stopping in! Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with a grant disbursal near the end of reach month.

Note: We will not consider requests to fund an individual's medical needs, rent, utilities, cell phone bill, car trouble, clothing, etc. If you are in need of these services, we recommend https://handup.org/.

Awesome Homelessness looks to provide microgrants to people, groups of people, and organizations with ideas that will benefit, assist, inspire, or otherwise bring joy to people experiencing homelessness. People experiencing homelessness are encouraged to make submissions as well, subject to the note above regarding funding for individual needs.

The only limit on submission ideas is the bounds of your creativity! We are interested in your brilliant idea, whether it be a book drive for children experiencing homelessness, a community garden, a city-wide sock distribution, or whatever else you dream up.

How it works:

-- Each of our trustees (featured below) will contribute $100 per month. -- People with awesome ideas submit an application for the grant. Please submit your application in English. -- The trustees review and discuss the applications, and pick the best one. -- The winner is given $1000, no strings attached. -- The process is repeated every month, in order to spread the awesomeness.

Interested in applying? Please go to: https://www.awesomefoundation.org/en/submissions/new?chapter=homelessness. Decisions are made by the end of the month.

We select one application for the monthly grant. If your submission is not chosen for the month, you can apply the following month.

Questions? Interest in being a trustee and joining us in making these microgrants? Email us at: homelessness@awesomefoundation.org

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