Harmony is Home

So with the Harmony is Home project, my main objective is to clothe, connect, and re-establish the human to human connection with someone in a less favorable situation than myself. I have friends in cosmetology, some that cook, and I aim to create a space where these beautiful souls can meet new young friendly faces, get cleaned up, and just forget about whatever cycle they feel themselves revolving in for a day or a weekend or recurring weekends. They can give advice, they can receive some, and further know that they are as important as anyone to the betterment of EVERYBODY in our communities. I hope to inspire others to be less hesitant in embracing these pillars of our communities, because at a point in time they’ve had what we all have. Time. They also deserve our time our care and our nurturing, regardless of what chosen they might’ve or might’ve not made to land where they did. I want to record this also. The conversations, the transformation, everything. It needs to be spread as far as it can because homelessness is wrecking our world, and there are people who aren’t necessarily homelessness that feel the same type of alone. So we need to build bridges. That’s what my project is all about. If we do not, the water in between will separate everyone and everything until the water is all there is. Harmony is everywhere we look for it, but everywhere we put it as well. I want to plant as many seeds of harmony and camaraderie and love as I can, and I intend to inspire as many as I can so the water doesn’t drown us all. This starts with who needs it most: our neighbors without roofs, without family, without shelter. With nothing but their memories, nothing but their lessons… with nothing but their lives. That’s who, and what, Harmony is Home is for. A beginning of a new friendship with life, that will love longer than us. I attached my apparel designs, a personal headshot, and a edit I did that depicts the “effects” of nature on me.

Подкрепен от Homelessness (September 2021)