Spreading Kindness, one letter at a time!

We need more opportunities to spread kindness! More opportunities to brighten someone’s day! What would it be like to find a random letter with positive thoughts and a message that made you smile? Would it give you a spark? Would it make you want to pay it forward with more kindness?
This is our goal of the “Spreading Kindness, one letter at a time” Project.
Our project seeks to team up with an already established business and kindness ambassador called “The Love Letter Library”, to carry out random acts of kindness and love through leaving anonymous letters and in our case leaving them throughout Antigonish and surrounding communities. The Love Letter Library has already created a fantastic community of people who are already spreading messages of kindness and our project seeks to continue this campaign in our community. This idea was initially used with a group of local grade 8 girls who accepted the challenge of spreading kindness and dropped a few letters in their school and community. This process had a profound effect on them as well as those who found the letters.
We want to be able to make a change in our community by spreading messages of kindness and at the same time allowing others to take part. The group of girls as well as myself would take the first step in creating anonymous messages of love and kindness and distribute them around our community. We would also place a blank card and envelope inside the love letter to allow others to take part in the movement. The random acts of kindness movement already has a connection to social media with #stopdropandloveletter and we want to connect this to the Antigonish community with a Facebook page as well as Instagram account to allow people to see the kindness they are creating themselves.
We are excited about this opportunity to partner with the Awesome Foundation to continue to spread kindness!

Грант предоставил Antigonish, NS (April 2016)