INSOMNIAC at Immerse 2019

Insomniac is the final installment of a 3 part installation and performance piece that have each debuted at Creative City Project's IMMERSE. The performances integrate projection mapping technology with larger than life props and classic pantomime techniques to tell a story of self discovery and the potential of everything. Each year, the stage set up for these shows have out done the year prior and this one is no different. The focal point for this final act will be a bed. However, during the performance, the bed will raise 20 feet into the air while flowing white bed sheets drape to the ground and at one point will spread toward the audience. Think of it as the largest blanket fort ever made, but with bright oceanic animations projected onto the sheets and a Charlie Chaplin-esque performance interacting with the set. The performance will be an awe inspiring sight both up close and from streets away. The complex set piece will also act as an immersive installation after the performance, inviting guests to engage with the childlike whimsicality of its nature. Guests will be able to walk around and under the bed while the flowing sheets and projections continue to take place on the street.

Грант предоставил Orlando, FL (August 2019)