Pine Hills Community Mural

Public murals help shape and define (or in some cases, re-brand) communities. Art can serve as an agent of change, and the distinctiveness of a particular mural is often a source of pride for community members. Due to the sheer amount of effort and logistics that accompanies planning and painting a mural, communities are energized and it encourages further development and stewardship. Recently we've experienced graffiti near an elementary school. This location is directly outside the Pine Hills branch of UCP of Central Florida. Beginning in 1955 as a therapy program, UCP serves students with and without disabilities from Pre-k to the 5th grade. UCP is also a Title 1 school. We recognize that children are our most precious resource and in an effort to shield them from graffiti, spur their imagination, and add more character to the Pine Hills community, we are painting a mural in the location that has been repeatedly gratified. We envision a mural that encompasses the diversity and dynamism of Pine Hills. At the moment we are developing possible designs for our future mural.

Грант предоставил Orlando, FL (June 2019)