Tortilla Printing Pop-up Event

The Creative City project will be hosting a two-day event that includes interactive installations, performances and other hands-on activities for the public to Immerse themselves in! During this time, an unprecedented amount of people will flood the streets of downtown and support local artists as well as different modes of art. By exposing them to these new approaches, it will broaden their definition of what art is and what art can do.

For the two days the event spans, October 18 &19, I will invite two internationally renowned artists in the printmaking field, Xavier and Alejandra, also known as Tres Gatos Press, to share their tortilla press printing technique with Orlando! Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, these two rogue printmakers have been making a name for themselves by hosting events and showing others that you can use even the most unconventional tools to carve and print your own art. This unique pop-up will bring recognition to the printmaking medium by letting the public print a one-of-a-kind impression and create relationships that transcend borders.

Грант предоставил Orlando, FL (September 2019)