Debris Maze Challenge

Our public spaces are trashed. Debris is everywhere and it is threatening our environment, self-preservation, and physical and mental health.

We can improve our situation!

The Debris Maze Challenge will raise awareness of the dangers of single-use plastics through an interactive and fun art installation.

The maze is made up of cagelike walls filled with debris collected from Biscayne National Park, where it will be hosted for the month of April 2019. In its time at the park, the maze will be a signature feature for Earth Day and incorporated into the park’s last Family Fun Fest for the year. Both programs will facilitate extensive reach of the exhibit.

Eco-artists will display their work in the dead ends incorporated into the maze in order to connect more advocates in a single setting. After time spent navigating the maze, visitors will exit into an area where there will be a call-to-action and each participant will be asked/challenged to commit to debris-reducing habits.

The maze will achieve the following:
- Create tangible and immediate change by collecting trash from local parks.
- Make a public space cleaner.
- Modify people's relationship with plastic.
- Build community through volunteerism and bonding over nature.

**Please note, the image attached below is similar to what I envision the project to look like, but it is not my image.

Грант предоставил Miami, FL (September 2018)