Zaytouna: a social enterprise by Syrian refugees

Zaytouna was founded on a single gesture of gratitude.
It is a conscious driven enterprise whose mission is to help women from Syria resettle in South Florida by creating permanent gainful employment for them by producing delicious packaged foods from the Middle East.
We simply believe that food can bridge the cultural divides that separate us.

My name is Christa and I am a from Aleppo, Syria.
I came to the USA in 2012 because of the war.
I moved to Miami in 2015 and wanted to take part of helping the refugees when I heard that South Florida had received a wave a year ago.

I met with the women, and knowing how hard it is to make a life in Miami and support a family, I wanted to find a way that allowed them to support their families and thats how Zaytouna was born.

Zaytouna allows the women to use their skills (cooking) and allows the community to be able to experience a beautiful and delicious side of Syria through it's dishes and cuisine.

Zaytouna is for and by the Syrian Women Refugees in Miami.
I am myself a refugee and everyone that works under Zaytouna is a Syrian refugee.
We are an all women company and we want to make it happen here in the USA!

Грант предоставил Miami, FL (October 2018)