We all know that movie watching has become increasingly isolated. Now all it involves is watching a flick on Netflix in bed. Alone. Or with a cat.

So we want to make it social (and fun) again by opening up our mother of a living room for a free monthly movie night cinema for people in the inner west.

We live in an epic and very unique share house 30 seconds off King Street, above a church hall. It has a huge carpark and an outrageously enormous living room (that even has its own entrance off our terrace, making it perfect for an event like this).

With such a huge space and massive blank wall, it would be a huge waste not to use it for epic movie watching on a projector.

We could set up a community Facebook page to pre-decide the movies, or get everyone in on the night and choose together on Netlix.

It's gonna be great. And a hit. Back when YouTube used to be the new 'big thing', a pub in Surry Hills would host a weekly YouTube night where people would come and watch their favourite YouTube clips together. Simple and fun, right?

Keen for this to come to life - we couldn't be more excited.

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