The Kitchener/ Waterloo Library of Things

The Kitchener/ Waterloo Library of Things, which aims to open in late summer 2017, will be a space where community members can borrow infrequently used items such as tools or camping equipment. Members will reduce their impact on the environment and this library will provide opportunities for people who face barriers to employment to earn a livable wage. The duties associated with these jobs have been designed by individuals with disabilities. In the process of creating the Library, we realized that there is very little research about the impact that these kind of libraries have on the environment and on one’s sense of community (which can act as a barrier to obtaining funding). As a result, we are also building the library in such a way to ensure we can monitor the impact that this library has on the environment and on its nearby communities.

Financé par Kitchener-Waterloo (February 2019)