KW May Day 2019

Here is a synopsis of last years event, followed by a brief piece of this years call out:

We saw over 200 people gather in Victoria Park for a May Day celebration. We invited many community groups and individuals to share their projects, food, workshops and celebrate in the streets.

The open mic held space for poetry, powerful words, music, and performance. There was a children's obstacle course, and games for folks of any age and ability to participate in. We had a build your own burrito food station as well as a potluck. to close the evening, we had a celebration in the streets that cumulated in an outdoor dance celebration at city hall. In the lead up, we also hosted several art gatherings that brought together community to create art for the day of.

This year, we will include a similar amount of fun and activity inviting many community organizations to join once more. In addition to the main event on May 1st, we will be hosting a film screening the next evening, and dance party on the Friday.

Here is the first part of our invitation to the community to participate this year:

Join us Wednesday, May 1st for our second annual May Day community gathering, as we shake off the icy winds of winter, celebrate the coming of spring, and remember once again what it means to be resilient, radical, and rejuvenated! Let’s gather to share our stories, our grief and our joy, and to reimagine and remember what we want and need in this world!

In this space we can feast, create, dance, celebrate, and resist, while we continue to build connections with ourselves, one another, and the land.

Our goal is to create an event that is inclusive and free to everyone; grounded in mutual aid, voluntary participation, and personal/collective autonomy, without authority. We are dreaming up a fierce, fun, family friendly event that will kick off with diverse activities and a potluck in the park, followed by a most marvelous march. Let’s put our dreams into action together!

Financé par Kitchener-Waterloo (May 2019)