Ghosts of Hammond Castle: Echoes From The Deep!

The Folklore Theatre Company is proud to partner with Hammond Castle to produce a new kind of Halloween event - one dripping with local lore, without all the typical gore!

Join historic legends such as Howard Blackburn, Judith Sargent Murray, Thomazine Younger, Blackbeard, and John Hays Hammond himself on an eerie Halloween tour of Gloucester's famed Hammond Castle. Elegantly macabre, this dramatic tour of the castle by candlelight will conjure images of shipwrecks, drownings, a deadly squall and a dank dungeon full of ghastly spirits and monsters from the deep!

This event, running 6 performances 7-11pm Fridays & Saturdays, October 14-29 will be a major benefit to preserve and protect Hammond Castle and its important legacy.

This volunteer project will to give a fresh take on the annual haunted castle, launch the "Ghosts of Hammond Castle" series (a different theme each year), raise awareness and interest in the museum and its important place in history, making Gloucester even more awesome in autumn!

Many locals families and youth do not wish to go to Salem during October for various reasons. This will greatly enhance interest in Gloucester's ghostly history for locals and visitors alike!

Financé par Gloucester, MA (September 2016)