Health and Harmony: Music Therapy at Grace Center

Since its inception, the Grace Center of Gloucester has lived by the mantra: acceptance, hospitality, opportunity. Each element of this expression is crucial to the way in which we serve Cape Ann's homeless population. Whether it be through advocacy, referrals, job training, or simply a listening ear and a hot, nutritious meal, the staff and volunteers at Grace Center are constantly doing the most they can for our guests. An average of 60 guests join us a day! We insist on being adaptive and creative in our work.

Most recently, Grace Center has enthusiastically nurtured a budding music therapy program. In fact, as I write this application, a developmentally-delayed guest is playing piano and serenading an attentive and appreciative audience. Our guests are benefitting from the therapeutic potential of music. No where is this more apparent than in our newly-formed Grace Center Jug Band.

A heartfelt collaboration among staff, volunteers, and guests, the Grace Center Jug Band embodies the spirit of community. It's a creative outlet for guests, and it allows them to shake away some of the stress associated with homelessness and addiction.

With a grant from Awesome Gloucester, Grace Center will initiate a weekly music therapy program. A certified music therapist will visit the Grace Center once a week for four hours, and work with guests in individual and group sessions. Your money will help us strengthen the bond between community and music, health and harmony.

Financé par Gloucester, MA (October 2016)