KONR 106.1 LPFM - Transmitter

Out North started out as a theatre company focusing on LGTBQ advocacy in 1984. Over its three decades, it has produced nationally recognized performance art, been a gallery space, a community center, and an arts incubator. In 2001, Out North applied for and received permission to develop a low power FM radio station. It was a brief window and we were one of two applicants in the state of Alaska to be awarded a license. That window is unlikely to ever return.

It took us nearly 10 years to develop that license into a frequency, KONR 106.1 LPFM. The station has been in operation since 2010, volunteer run on donated equipment. In lean periods we've hooked an ipod up to the tower and broadcast 6 months of Bill Withers or Joe Frank. It is a scrappy, tenacious part of Out North that we cherish.

In 2017 Out North gave its building to Cyrano's. They moved to the Airport Heights and we moved downtown, where we setup shop in the 4th Avenue Market Place. With new found space and partnerships, Out North and its radio station have flourished. Currently, our broadcast station has 20+ live DJ's, a tremendous amount of local content, and a thriving volunteer base.

Unfortunately, our transmitter crapped out on us while back. We are currently broadcasting at 1/4 power on a borrowed device. KONR can still be heard all over Anchorage, but the signal is weak. As an organization and community, we've been steadily raising money to try and purchase a replacement. As of the end of August, we're about 1000 dollars shy. We need a little push to get over the hill!

Financé par Alaska (September 2018)