Supporting Literary Events In Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska is an amazing town filled with remarkable literary talent. The Seward Writers Collective is a homegrown group of writers that diligently meet throughout the year to share work, support each other and bring our collective Alaska lives to life for others through stories, essays, poems and spoken word.

Although Seward is on the road system and just a 2.5 hour drive from Anchorage, it can be challenging to attract authors and workshops without necessary funds to support their visit. In addition, venues for local readings, fliers, refreshments, and other needed supplies are paid for by participants because there is a great desire to host literary events in town.

This proposal seeks support to host literary events in Seward to help grow the emerging literary scene and support writers that have so much to give and share with the community.

These funds will be utilized to host literary events, workshops and support the Seward Writers Collective in order to grow the literary contributions of Seward writers and create opportunities for more people to join the writing community. These funds we will allow us to collaborate with the Seward Community Library, 49 Writers and other groups to expand offerings to the Seward community. In addition, a portion of the funds would be set aside to assure young writers space in workshops at no cost.

Financé par Alaska (October 2018)