Mathieu Da Costa, Rose Fortune and Daurene Lewis hold immense significance in the history of Annapolis Royal. I have a vision to tell their stories in a new and engaging format by creating personalized maps to depict their lives. A personalized map combines geography with facts about their lives, accomplishments and historical significance.

The contributions of these African Nova Scotians were integral to the development of our current diverse community. Mathieu Da Costa was born in Africa as a freed slave and was employed as a translator by the French, Dutch and Portuguese to communicate with tribes along coastal Africa as well as First Nations people in the Americas. He is recognized as the first known person of African descent to arrive in Canada. Rose Fortune came to Annapolis Royal with her family who were Black Loyalist from Virginia. Born a slave in Philadelphia, Rose Fortune is recognized as the first female police officer in Canada and was a successful entrepreneur, founding what would become the Lewis Transfer Company. Daurene Lewis, a direct descendent of Rose Fortune, was born and lived in Annapolis Royal. Daurene became mayor of Annapolis Royal in 1984, making her the first female Black mayor in Canada.

Personalized maps offer numerous opportunities for display, and may be used as part of commemorations, celebrations, and as learning opportunities in educational institutions. A combination of art, geography, and history, personalized maps provide a creative perspective into the lives of individuals so that we consider them from a vantage point not available through the written word.

Philip Bailey grew up in Lequille, graduated AWEC in 1984, and has recently moved back to Annapolis County having retired from government service. He grew up in a household that was and remains deeply rooted in service to their area.He is a descendant of the Black Loyalists. The combination of his ancestry, his upbringing and his commitment to community makes this project of great importance to him as he believes it will engage others to be curious and learn more about our local figures both past and present.

Visit his website to learn more or pop into Tripp's gallery to view some of his work.

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