Mobile Farm Stand for Boston

If people can’t get to fresh food, we want to bring it to them! Think Transformers-meets-food cart mashup with a modern design pedigree, and you’re starting to get an idea where we’re headed. BRACE is designing a mobile farm stand to reach underserved communities in Boston, and we don’t want to brag, but trust us, people are going to be excited when they see it. We’re talking about chasing-the-farm-stand-like-it’s-the-ice-cream-truck excited. You should see our sketchbook: it’s brimming over with cool ideas from a kinetically powered monowheel to a stand that pops up from a camping trailer. Sustainability and social justice are at the core of our design ethos, but after all, who’s going to use it if it’s not fun?

BRACE: Building Research + Architecture + Community Exchange is a non-profit community design organization founded in 2010 by Boston architects Hansy Better and Anthony Piermarini. We have some of Boston and Providence’s freshest designers (and one super-fresh structural engineer) behind the project to make it edgy, instantly memorable, and feasible. BRACE was founded with the goal of realizing radical public spaces through a practice that unites different design fields and community members.

With the help of the Awesome Foundation, we want to bring fresh fruit and veggies to those who need them most, and better still: we’re ready to do it in style.

Fondos becados por Boston, MA (April 2012)

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