Nature's Playground by Naturally Gathered

Our mission is to to inspire, empower, support and inform families to make changes that will lead to a world of healthy, confident, connected and resilient children, through time in nature and the occupation of play .
We are an Adelaide-based business that has been created by an occupational therapist to support positive health, development and well-being in children and the community. We have noticed a gap in families spending time in their local, natural environments as well as the limited time and value place on free play. As a result are concerned about the long term implications of this and have decided to do something about it. We offer experiences in natural, local, public spaces that are filled with opportunities for free play and exploration, with the goal to ensure parents and families can continue to get the most out of these spaces (for free!) after the experiences that we host are finished. We are advocates for free play in a world full of obsession for structured activities. We aim to provide information and support that will lead to happier, healthier and more confident and connected families. Our approach is experience (or occupational) based and we use informal opportunities to provide information and curiosity to prompt families to think reflectively about how these ideas might fit into their own life.
We currently are putting out an expression of interest with Adelaide City council with our first session planned for mid October.

Fondos becados por Adelaide (October 2017)