Tools for primary school STEM with a difference

A STEM program with a difference working with students who may have poor classroom engagement, challenging behaviours, ASD and/or disability.

With a tiny budget, and the help of an ex-manufacturing professional who joined the school's ranks as a School Support Officer SSO in mid-2016.

We have been able to develop some inspiring projects for students from Rocket launchers to electric billy karts, raspberry pi computing, robots and electric cardboard racers. See our youtube channel, link on our project webpage.

Our SSO supporting teachers to provide hands-on STEM activities in the classroom from reception to year 7, including junior primary and primary special class.

This also includes providing a range of interesting/alternative hands-on STEM activities for small groups of students who may experience high levels of absenteeism, challenging behaviour, or low classroom participation.

Fondos becados por Adelaide (November 2017)