Black Women Empowering Black Women Summit

Our awesome project allows for 50 local black womxn, ages 18 to 35, to experience peer-to-peer advising, networking and mentorship free of charge. We hope to increase the short-and-long term wellbeing of black womxn in the Big Bend area through five key areas: health, economy, education, culture, and relationships. The 2nd Annual BWEBW Summit will allow for attendees to personally connect and learn from our guest panelists - a group of experienced, black community leaders from diverse industries - to not only celebrate their accomplishments, but to provide attendees with advice and materials on how to further succeed. After the panel discussion, attendees must choose workshops they can participate in that address one of the five key areas, not limited to: successful entrepreneurship for black womxn, the importance of mental and physical wellbeing as a black womxn in America, and the positive impacts on a community which stem from healthy relationships and stable, family dynamics.

Our project also allows for black-owned, womxn businesses to establish their presence and build patron relationships, which addresses the need for support and growth in one of the five key areas, our Tallahassee economy and the role minorities must play in it. After attending our Summit, we will provide attendees with follow up services and programs that we offer to assure they’ve succeeded in at least one of the five key areas. We have our book clubs; “Power Chat” events with community leaders to motivate and influence; series workshops and Sister Circle meetings that are structured to help address and support the goals of the modern black womxn.

We seek to increase our target audience by 50% each year. We also plan to monitor and evaluate the incremental success of our 50 attendees from one of the five key areas with surveys after they’ve participated in our follow up programs.

Fondos becados por Tallahassee, FL (May 2017)