An International Evening with Coady Students 2016

We are more than 40 participants from different 18 countries around the world, which is a diverse group comprised on various cultures, languages, traditions and customs.
This project will give an opportunity to the participants and Antigonish community to come together and share each other’s culture, music, dance and food. It will provide space to share participant's experience living in Antigonish with local community; moreover it will also help community members to understand the global culture and people from different communities.
The international evening is to celebrate the diversity within our group and community. The evening will have three main attractions - food, dance and music. Students will prepare their local food dishes from their countries; students will perform on sorts of songs and music i.e. - Indian dance, African dance etc. For the decorations, different country’s flags will be used and dress code for the evening will be local outfits using traditional cloth. We can book Coady garden for this activity.

Fondos becados por Antigonish, NS (August 2016)