Fashion on Display

Our August grant goes to Malorie Bertrand and Maureen Dickson of Fashion on Display, a version of the Amazing Race if Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld were competing with eccentric artists and shop-a-holics. It’s a two week event that will merge sustainable fashion, art, design and community engagement to bring attention to the ecological and social issues in the fashion industry. The store window displays of some of Ottawa’s best thrift, consignment, vintage and eco-boutiques will be dressed up to visually inform consumers of the fashion industry’s impacts and the benefits of supporting sustainable clothing and accessories.

They will be enlisting ten shops and pairing them up with local artists to create eye-catching window displays that represent a challenge or solution related to sustainable fashion. Each display team will have a month to create and execute a concept. The more visually attractive and informative the displays, the better. Artists will be encouraged to source reclaimed materials to create the installations.

Shoppers will be equipped with a map of participating store locations and will visit each store to view the displays. The window displays will act as a catalyst for an informative dialogue between consumers and the fashion community, and promotion for the store and art installations. At the end of the tour, participants’ names are put into a draw for incredible prizes, sponsored by local sustainable businesses, during a swanky wrap-up bash.

Over the course of the two weeks, stores will offer local and organic treats, music, discounts and unique activities to shoppers. They will be partnering with the Modern Urban Guide to create a custom map of the participating stores. Shoppers can pick up their guide at any participating location a week prior to the beginning of the tour. They will have two weeks to visit each store, admire the display, speak to store owners and artists, and learn about the presented issue. On the last day, they’ll throw a wrap-up party, showcasing photographs of the displays, feature sustainable fashion pieces and host workshops on how to remake clothing.

This event promises to be a huge success because it is unique and fuses Ottawa’s businesses, artists and consumers. If you know of any artists or shops who would be interested in being a part of Fashion on Display let us know!

Fondos becados por Ottawa (August 2011)