Traffic Jam Sessions

Traffic Jam Sessions is a project spear headed by Pawa254, popular afro-fusion Kenyan band Sarabi, spoken word artist Teardrops and comedian Timothy Ndisii
Traffic Jam Sessions is a grassroots creative project aimed at creating awareness and facilitating discussions among Kenyans about the current political climate and relevant social issues, through music. It will use ‘soft’ protest to spark social change in Nairobi.

Currently, Kenyans don’t need a revolution, they need a revelation.

Matatu – A local Kenyan form of public transportation. Matatu’s are either 12, 36 or 42 seater vans that travels a certain route across town. 75% of Kenyans use matatus making it the main form of public transportation in Nairobi.

The project will do this by creating and mass distributing a mix tape to be played a number of matatu routes. This mix tape offers listeners an alternative to mainstream radio programming and provides intelligent, engaging and relevant content. The mix tape will feature conscious tracks by Kenya’s biggest musical artists and will have elements of spoken word and poetry incorporated into the playlist. The aim of this project is to offer Kenyan’s an alternative to mainstream radio programming and engage them in thought and discussion about issues facing Kenya.

Fondos becados por Nairobi (July 2014)

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