The Humanity Project

As the leading service provider, Bridge House plays an instrumental role in educating the public about homelessness. To do so, we create provocative and innovative campaigns to explore the complexity of this pressing issue. The goal of The Humanity Project is to generate awareness and provoke conversation using photography as a medium for exploring both the similarities and differences of how housed and homeless people live in Boulder. The concept is simple – we selected individuals from both the housed and homeless communities to photograph snapshots of their daily lives, such as where they sleep and what they ate for dinner. Those selected from the housed community include active/well known Boulderites, including a member of City Council, a CU Professor, athlete and several business leaders. We gave each participant a suggested shot list and disposable camera if needed. Once the images are turned in, we will curate a visual display and accompanying video that juxtaposes the photos of the housed and homeless. The photos will then be shared with the community at large through a variety of channels creating a dialogue about homelessness and humanizing those who are homeless. The initial launch of the project will be the evening of May 29th at the Dairy Center for the Arts.

Fondos becados por Boulder, CO (March 2014)