Social Changemakers Leadership Program

Grounded in the best practices identified from 30 years in the field, Harmony Movement has designed a unity-building leadership program. Scheduled to launch in the 2022-23 school year, the Social Changemakers Leadership Program will engage with 22 youth and 3 educators form Newmarket High School. Program activities include:
Pre-program assessment and consultation with school teams
Six-hour educator training session
Full-day in-person student program launch
Two parent/caregiver sessions facilitated with Harmony Movement and the student team
Student sessions focused on building leadership skills and developing an initiative to address an equity issue
Check-ins with Harmony facilitators and support throughout the duration of the program

At the end of the program, students will deliver a post-initiative report and participate in program evaluation and reporting. School teams will also attend the Social Changemakers Conference to connect with other school teams that participated in the program and discuss next steps. By supporting educators, parents/caregivers and students to develop inclusive and equitable schools we are moving beyond short-term fixes and creating systems change, grounded in authenticity and respect.

We hope that you will support our unique whole-school approach to equity and inclusion. We have applied for government funding to support this program and are seeking additional foundations and donors. Diversification of our revenue is an ongoing objective and we continue working to expand corporate partnerships and fundraising activities to secure the sustainability of our programs.

Fondos becados por Newmarket (November 2023)