More Sound Bike

Right now, one of the Bike Party leaders rides with a "Sound Bike." This is a bike with a trailer attached that carries some pretty awesome speakers. The speakers are so cool and such a big part of the party that in the past 5 months, we've gone from 70 participants to over 600! The problem right now is that with that many people, everyone can't hear the music. That's not awesome. I want to build another trailer and set of speakers to make sure that everyone can enjoy the ride. The massive jumps in participants show how successful the ride has been. We'd like to keep this great community event going strong.

The plans for the project can be found at the link below. I will not be covering my bike in leopard print...

(The Washington Area Bicycle Association supports DCBP and we also have good standing with the Metropolitan Police Department. It is a friendly, community oriented event).

Fondos becados por Washington, DC (July 2013)